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Houses swept by a tsunami smoulder near Sendai Airport in Japan March 11, 2011. A massive 8.9 magnitude quake hit northeast Japan on Friday, causing many injuries, fires and a ten-metre (33-ft) tsunami along parts of the country's coastline. There were several strong aftershocks and a warning of a 10-metre tsunami following the quake, which also caused buildings to shake violently in the capital Tokyo. A tsunami warning has been issued for the entire Pacific basin except for the mainland United States and Canada following a huge earthquake that hit Japan on Friday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.   NOTE: THIS PHOTO IS NOT OF CRS PROGRAMMING.  Photo credit (use the entire following sentence): Photo by REUTERS/KYODO, courtesy  RESTRICTED USE: this is a photo from Reuters/AlertNet. It can be used for charity appeals and for internal and external publications designed to share information on crises and relief efforts.  This photo is for CRS use only and CANNOT be shared with any other organization or individual to use. It CANNOT be used for annual reports, advocacy campaigns, or general advertising and marketing of CRS.  Reuters owns the copyright to this photo, not CRS.

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