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One of the most popular animated stories of all time in Western area is Fairy Tail. This famous Manga Series was made in Japan by Hiro Mashima on 2nd of August 2006. Anime is the most favourite character of 90s Kids, who grew up watching these fantasy and adventure comic books. These were first introduced in Japanese language and then later, translated into English and other languages. It has the Genre of Action, Adventure, and Fantasy. Natsu Dragneel is the action oriented adventurous teenage, who travels to find the ‘Dragon Igneel’. Fairy Tail sold approximately 60 Million copies till the date of June, 2016. There was also movie made in the name of ‘Fairy Tail the Movie’ was released on August, 2012. It has received the rating of 7.3 out of 10 according to IMDB.

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Fairy Tail Anime Wallpaper
Fairy Tail Anime Wallpaper

Fairy Tail Anime Wallpapers Fairy Tail Anime Wallpaper

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