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About Friday, The 13th

A day that is considered as superstition in the western culture, know as Friday the 13th wallpapers. People get afraid of it when the day Friday and the date 13th comes together with respect to Georgian calendar. Parents don’t allow their children to go out and have fun. There are many reasons people describe and the stories attach to this day. That is why, this day is considered as ‘Unlucky day’. There are two movies available on imdb, one of them is named as Friday the 13th(2009). There are also games made on this name.

However there is also a Friday the 13th game, a survival horror game published by Gun media on PS4 and XBOX360. The game is available on both stores, you can download or purchase a copy from there.

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Cool Friday the 13th Art from devin art Friday the 13th Game wall HD Friday the 13th New Wallpaper Hot Friday the 13th HQ WALL Latest Friday the 13th
Here are some of more newly added Comic wallpaper for Friday the 13.

Friday the 13th HD Wallpapers Friday the 13th HD Wallpapers Friday the 13th HD Wallpapers friday-the-13-comic-wallpapersfriday_the_13th_the_beginning__by_djjimmygee-d83tf2a friday-the-13-comic-wallpapersJason-Voorhees-slashers-26044580-1024-768 (1)

friday the 13th (2) friday the 13th (3) friday the 13th (4) friday the 13th (5) friday the 13th (6) friday the 13th (7)

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