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Here you will find the Best Harvey Specter Quotes from the ‘Suits’ season. Harvey is the wittiest but true gentleman plus badass character in the whole season. He is famous for his acts, looks and last-minute problem solver. He is also renown as ‘Best Closer’ to New York City, alumni of Harvard Law School. From the Season 1, episode one till the last. Micheal Ross also helped him to close the best deals. Harvey Specter uses to work under Jessica Pearson but also the name partner at the same time in Pearson Specter Litt. Harvey has so much confidence, which helps him understand better, and when he understands better, He fights better. This is why He is known as one Hell of a Lawyer. He dresses like a badass, walks like a badass and talks like a badass. That is why his character inspires people to do work like him.

We have designed beautiful Harvey Spector Quotes wallpapers, to inspire you from your daily routines. There are two versions, one is for desktop background. The other is for Mobile wallpaper. His one of most famous saying is:

“Let them hate, make sure they spell your name right.” -Specter

“I believe in Hard Work, I don’t fu*k with luck.” – Specter

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Collection of amazing quotes wallpapers from the most inspired character from the season ‘Suits’. These are cherry-picked best sayings from the season. If you want more quotes like these, write us below. We will provide you the best wallpapers from Harvey Specter quotes.

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