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About Titanic Movie

The most romantic movie of all time, Titanic was released on November 1997 and made more than $2.1 Billion USD on box office. Based on true incident, Leonardo Dicaprio played important role in whole cast. Titanic was the biggest ship ever built in this world by Humans, which carried almost more than 2200 people including staff. This was also called “ship of Dreams”. The man built the titanic also challenged that, this is the safest ship in the world. Which was ultimately sank in the iced-cold Atlantic sea. This incident was actually happened in April 1912. The ship was fully loaded with luxury needs of human being, like spa, gymnasium, tennis and swimming pool. Director James Cameron made this movie almost 76 years after the incident happened. You can read full story here.

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Titanic HD Wallpapers Titanic HD Wallpapers Titanic HD Wallpapers

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